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Mosquito Fish

Biological Control

What are mosquito eating fish?

Gambusia affinis,  what we call "mosquito fish,"  are indispensable to our integrated mosquito control program. They are a small live bearing fish with a ferocious appetite for mosquito larvae. 

How many mosquito fish will you need?

It will take about 6 mosquito fish to care for an aquaria that is  6'x8' (surface area of 48') 

Where can mosquito fish be stocked?

Our district will provide fish for stock troughs, ornamental ponds and/or any other self-contained area that follows the following guidelines.

 ORS 498.222 regulates where non-native fish such as mosquito fish can be released. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has set guidelines restricting the stocking of mosquito fish to "aquaria" defined as self-contained systems that are not fed or drained by natural waterways. Natural waterways include creeks, streams, sloughs, ponds, lakes and ditches if connected to natural waterways. Permanent ponds located in floodplain areas are not considered "aquaria" and should not receive mosquito fish, because flooding could allow them to enter natural waterways and harm native fish and wildlife.

 How to request mosquito fish:

There a two ways to request mosquito fish.

1. Call our office at (541) 481-6082 and provide the following information.

  • Name
  • Address 
  • Phone number
  • If for a stock trough, how many?  Are they large or small. 

Or you can simply fill out the Fish Request Form below:

*Note: all fish deliveries are done by a North Morrow Vector Control Field Technicians and will be delivered ASAP.  Once delivered you will be informed verbally, or with an orange door hanger.

Fish Request Form

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