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North Morrow Vector Control District was formed in May 1978 by the people of North Morrow County for the control of mosquitoes. The purpose of the formation was to prevent the transmission of Equine Encephalities through the reduction of the primary vector, Culex tarsalis.

We proudly serve the communities of Boardman and Irrigon and are dedicated to our mission of controlling disease transmitting and pestiferous mosquitoes by means of an Integrated Mosquito Managagment approach (IMM).  Our district serves 274 square miles of residential, industrial, farmland and over 3000 acres of wildlife refuges. 

North Morrow Vector Control District business sign
"No animal on earth has touched so directly and profoundly the lives of so many human beings. For all of history, and all over the globe, she has been a nuisance, a pain, and an angel of death. The mosquito has killed great leaders, decimated armies, and decided the fates of nations. All this, and she is roughly the size and weight of a grape seed."
Andrew Spiellman, Sc D., and author Michael D' Antonio



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